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Educational certificates and training

Our founder

Mrs. Ivania Celedon has a professional background which includes many years of experience in makeup design, cosmetic application, and derma-pigmentation. She has advanced level training in permanent cosmetic application and is currently a member of the Permanent Makeup Society.

Mrs. Celedon insists on the highest standards of safety including the use of specialized equipment, disposable instruments, and natural pigments. She follows the same medical sterilization standards and procedures adhered by physicians, as well as focusing personal attention on each client's unique features and special needs.

The majority of her clients are professional women who appreciate the convenience of permanent cosmetics and the confidence in looking their very best. However, some are allergy sufferers and others are just very active in physical fitness, as well as those who aren't physically able to apply cosmetics. Her clients come for many different reasons.

Our philosophy

Mujer Bonita Permanent Makeup is a private, coeducational postsecondary institution. MBPMU, the staff, and the administration are committed to the students and the community in providing skilled, employable individuals. As such, the institution demands high academic performance, professional conduct, and appearance, along with punctuality and ethics.

MBPMU is committed to a policy of listening to their student's comments and suggestions, and attempting to incorporate them into its overall objectives. We are also sensitive to the needs of our students and believe that each individual student should have the opportunity to develop to his or her full potential.

It is our goal to continually enhance and upgrade the curriculum, materials, systems, and facilities to provide the best methods and environment for learning.

Our mission

MB Permanent Makeup and Vocational Training is committed to providing its students with a quality education that will prepare them upon graduation for entry-level employment in the permanent micro-pigmentation field as a makeup artist, providing skills in specialized micro-pigmentation procedures for areas of the face such as eyebrows, eyeliner, lips, and beauty marks.

MBPMU has developed curriculums with one-on-one instruction and appropriate materials, which fully meet the demanding requirements for acquiring permanent micro-pigmentation skills. Along with classroom instruction, MBPMU provides hands-on experience through the use of models (volunteers acquired by the student) to complete the needed skills of the makeup artist as part of the normal curriculum.

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